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Celestee Skin, Laser and Hair Clinic is an organisation with dedication and commitment for the skin, hair and nail problems. Celestee skin laser and hair clinics is the only clinic with a holistic approach for the medical and cosmetological problems as it has an in built Dermatopathology lab and cosmetology lab facilities where they can analyse and give us all the diagnosis required for the proper approach and treatment of the disease / problem.

Celestee has been established by Dr. Raj kirit E.P., a renowned, seasoned dermatologist. His experience is with all fields of dermatology ranging from Cosmetology, Dermatosurgery, Laser surgeries, Hair loss therapies, Hair transplantation and anti-aging treatments. He has been trained by Dr. Robert G. Jones, Hair transplant surgeon in Toronto, Canada, a reputed Hair transplantation surgeon globally. He has presented more than 100 papers and presentations in various international, national, zonal and all levels. He is a reviewer for the Journal of American Academy of Dermatology – the official journals of American dermatologists and Indian Journal of Dermatology, Venereology – the official journal of Indian dermatologists.

He is a great orator, with exceptional Laser and surgical skills, had trained more than 500 dermatologists in all over south India till date. He had organised and performed the most advanced techniques in many Continous Medical Education programmes, Laser and surgical workshops for the benefit of many other dermatologists. He has a wide reputation for being the best trainer in the fields of Cosmetology and hair transplantation. He has published many articles on wide aspects of dermatology. He has finished his post graduation from Kakatiya medical college and South central Railway hospital and had cleared DNB examination which is of national wide and has recognition more than that of MD degree.

Follicular Unit Extraction

Follicular Unit Extraction method involves extracting single follicular units from the back portion of the scalp (donor area) and transplanting them on to bald area (recipient area). These follicles should be extracted from the permanent hair bearing zone only. Follicles which are extracted very near to the crown or nape of neck may go into baldness if the donor area is still susceptible for balding.

We follow the latest method called power assisted Follicular unit Extraction. As we use very small sized punches the wound heals without much disfigurement. But in FUT method (strip method) we not only use the latest method called Trichophytic closure we modified the technique of closure and developed further so as to give you almost insignificant scar. Our modified method is called as Triplephytic closure. Triplephytic closure is a combination of Trichophytic closure & triple layered closure.

In general, FUT method is the most preferred method worldwide as it yields more number of grafts which helps to cover wider bald area in a session. Dr.Rajkirit has been practicing the advance techniques in hair restoration and is achieving very good results by FUT method.

Most of the transplanted patients are getting more benefited with Follicular Unit Extraction method in terms of results and coverage and also cost and it is least tedious to the patient and to the doctor also, hence Dr.Rajkirit is now more into FUT as it is giving good results when compared to FUE where one can achieve less number of grafts hence less coverage in a session.

The advantages of FUE over strip technique are:

1. There is no linear scar at the back of the head(if you want to wear your hair short)Less painful

2. Quicker recovery

3. Can wear short hair styles

4. Useful in those people who have a tendency to scar or form keloids

5. Useful for body hair and beard hair extraction in those who do not have good donor area

fue hair transplantation in Hyderabad

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We are pleased to introduce Celestee – Skin, Laser and Hair Clinic that focuses on leveraging advances in medicine to make you look more beautiful and youthful. Celestee has created an advanced facility that has Qualified Cosmetic Dermetologists & Trichologists, Skin & Hair Therapists, and advanced equipment that brings to you the best of what aesthetic medicine has to offer.
Our medico-aesthetic approach is one of its kind.
We bring to you the aesthetics of beauty and the science of medical knowledge as a single unified service under one roof.
Each visit of yours at Celestee is led by our expert doctors who start with a skin analysis and take stock of your overall medical condition before they chart out a treatment plan, exclusive for you. Our carefully balanced combination of aesthetic and clinical approach – from a simple skin peel to a more advanced medical procedure – is planned to suit your own unique individual skin and body needs. We have established this holistic approach to give you the benefits of what the best in the field of science and aesthetics has to offer. Celestee is, by far, the most comprehensive medico-aesthetic clinic that you can choose.





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Celestee is the top & best hair transplant hospital uses advanced equipment & hair transplantation methods for hair treatment in Hyderabad.

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We are unique in our hair transplantation treatment and methods we follow are never compromising to satisfy the need.


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We have the best hair treatment solutions for your hair problems, which could be treated and solved completely by the best hair transplant in Hyderabad, India.


The best assistance will be given to your hair and skin problems by the best dermatologist and hair transplant surgeon in Hyderabad.

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